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Over 4.65 million Australians use the White Pages® Network1White Pages® Network includes White Pages® Book, White Pages® Online, White Pages® Mobile, sensis.com.au, Sensis Search, Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223, Call Connect (12456) and 1234. Call Connect is available to Telstra pre-paid mobile customers, Telstra fixed-line and Telstra post-paid customers. You need to be a full service Telstra residential or business customer, or Telstra mobile customer to access 1234. a week to make more than 19 million searches22Roy Morgan Research Single Source (January 2011 – December 2012). Total Australians 14+. Total who have looked at, used or accessed the White Pages® Network in the last 7 days. - but who are they, where are they and how are they searching?

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This helpful tool shows you where White Pages® users are located, how many books are distributed and more.

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Find out what White Pages® users have to say about White Pages®.

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This easy-to-use tool tells you more about White Pages® users including their gender, age and occupation.

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