Meet White Pages® Users

Introducing some people who use White Pages® . They come from different walks of life but they have one thing in common - when they're looking for something they all turn to White Pages®

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  • Louise

    Full-time student / part-time waitress

    Louise is about to finish her degree in graphic design and can't wait to get stuck into her career. Like most people her age, she likes to go to bars and restaurants and thinks White Pages® Mobile would be really handy for finding bars' addresses while she's out.

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  • John


    He's planning for retirement, but is still working hard at a job he loves. He prefers to use the White Pages Book, and often looks up the details of his suppliers.

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  • Oscar

    Event Planner

    He's living life at a fast-pace, and is in the early stages of his career. Most recently, Oscar used White Pages to get in touch with his local council and register his new puppy.

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  • Erin


    She's studying PR at Uni, and can't wait to start her first professional job. She loves using her iPhone to search for contact details on the go.

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  • Graham

    IT Manager

    Graham's job is quite demanding, but he still manages to find time for his wife and children. When he needs to find contact information, he prefers to look online — in fact, he has set as a shortcut on his computer.

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  • Sharyn


    She juggles full-time work with bringing up her children. When she's at work, she prefers to use — but when she's home, she prefers the Book.

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  • Leo

    Business owner

    He's focused on running and building his own business. And he uses White Pages® to look up and check the credibility of potential business associates.

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  • Debra

    Charity Co-ordinator (Banking)

    She's been in her career for a number of years and juggles a full-time job with family life. She often looks up addresses in the White Pages Book when she's posting her Christmas cards each year.

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  • Stephen


    Stephen is living life at a slower pace, and enjoying time to himself. He often uses the White Pages Business & Government Book to find suppliers when he's working on the house.

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  • Rebecca

    Full-time mum

    She's running a household and raising her toddler. She found especially useful recently when she organised a family reunion.

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  • Mary


    She's not working anymore, but her life is busier than ever. She especially enjoys catching up with friends — and when she can't find their details, she looks them up in White Pages® .

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